The rules for winning the so-M88


To win you have to be the ones to know find out the winning contract rates higher and more important is to limit the extent of loss. In Vietnam, there are many football betting players, but we want to win the so- M88 (or all the ones of other football) you must master a number of factors. You should refer to article gambling To win, you must know restraint or decisive factors in winning and losing your job . From this article you can draw many valuable lessons for ourselves and not just what the football betting method I share below.


Internal rules

First, if you’re a betting players must have an understanding of the nature and the internal rules of the following two things:

– The first is the internal rules of the sport football,

– Second, the internal rules of the game betting M88 .

Which method to find out this rule is two experienced ourselves. If you want to understand the rules of football, then you can go into stadium rock to try, feel the atmosphere of play, can also watch the match on television broadcast, but if you want to understand the rules of betting, do not refuse to bet with betting games in addition to football betting, bet types can be tested manner, without spending too much money.

After studying carefully the rules of football and betting, had a process known from emotional to rational, this time we need to walk in the door and football betting. Predictors football there are many, but the most fundamental is predicted basic information of the object and status bonuses, especially “fixed bonus”, “bonus oscillations” in the predicts a very attractive game players.

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Currently it from the internet to newspapers and magazines, regardless of the game information or status bonus we can also easily find, but how to better use the information and this data, then this is a great academic subjects, and also differences between players and casual players.

To better use the tactic to win the house , then you need to register for an account M88 goes into practice in order to realize the effectiveness of each tactic brought


1 / Pork suckling

Must have been shed new M88 acc. On the M88 one game will usually have 3 truss. Choose any game with the ball at the same rafter truss is level ie, 2 parts per contract agreement approved at 1/4 left (left is also not matter much, just remember that visitors accept 1 1/4 truss, 1 home mortgage escrow 1/4). Attention must be looked at carefully, but do not be confused that. If the situation does not change anything as red cards or truss up and down, then up to 65 minutes on, M88 will lose 1 truss, 2 truss, the main truss VND 1 ball, 1 serving 1/4 truss side. (Note, before the pigs, ie above 3 before losing rafter truss.) Then no longer indentured guy that will accept 1/4 straight win. Bet that guy balls lease contract.

Special attention, lease contracts have to eat balls <= 85, if more than 85 are dangerous. 90% clear. See also: Talents related to gambling and how it affects? 2 / Meat Warehouse eggs The technique is simple, anyone can you apply one easily. That is, if in the first game with a red card, but still the main truss truss copper ball, which is also known as level lvl, and meals for the team was a red card> = – 9 (ie ranged from dropped 9 upwards, meals lower the greater the chance of winning), then bet the team was a red card. If meals lower, then more and more big money.

Example: Team A to Team B. Team A stone is a red card, but still the main truss is team A or team brass balls eating 9 A team serving the ball, the bet A.

80% clear this move.

3 / is research, unnamed

If initially the favorite 2 copper balls, and 2 teams each level par. If in the previous game from Team A scored 1 goal. Then the mortgage bond B 1/4 or eat enough, your next bet A +1/4.

Accuracy:’re testing, you try.

4 / Move Over HT

Reference AE: Do not know how much the original contract does not matter. Notice from 20 ~ 26 minutes at -0.5 Odds FT, HT bond is lvl eat 4 ~ 5 (Despite the score at the time was how much) will explode Over HT. Win Ratio is 80%. AE noticed and commented.

Add another so-called visual techniques that capture the dong – Win Percentage 85%

Probability of success is 95% WIN

5 / Odds O / U (83 minutes to 85 minutes)

We should note that such a level 1, then the minutes, 1.7 to 1.9 OVER UNDER eat eat 0.37 to 0.4, it would have given the ball at the last minute

Choose WIN OVER 95% probability

6 / No name

Chorus applied:

– Two teams evenly matched each other, is not too different.
– Who’s Running the A team scored first and then B equalized, then A and B scored the equalizer,
the ultimate ability to feed air B from the opposite very high.

You can imagine the following: A. 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, —-> 2-3 B. 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, —> 3-2

Accuracy: 80%

Especially if the agreement meets the first lvl game, then this technique achieve high accuracy.

Applies to sub lease agreement approved mortgage 3/4 and 1/2. Example game:

Verdict Carling Cup 10.29.2014 03:00
Liverpool Asian Ratio
0.82: 0: 3/4: 0.93
Percentage Europe
1.74: 3.72: 4:33
Ratio fainting Resources
0.92: 2.5-3: 0.82 Swansea City
7 / No name

Black 3/4 odds accept cash (ie no money) which accept 1/2 truss eat from 1.6 to 1.68.

Note view side truss section on red arrow pointing down is the most standards, do not see the Web page at his side truss bet. Such cases would win the approval of at least 1 3/4 left. However, notwithstanding the red card or a mortgage are certain factors that make lineup changes, tactics … large (eg drop, betting …) ie matches assertive and motivated win, for example, the championship competition, or location conducive to the fight promotion, or won the cup …

The game in this category is the team accepted his or 3/4 (-3 / 4ft)

Note: Do not take (lead, then stopped to add), type 1 truss start. Can go further truss being in the lead.

Experience shows that 80% WIN.

May apply to the contract -1/2 and -1/4 but not as high win rate. Just like the game his team is on the new type.

8 / No name

Upon expiry of the 1st half: All odds are suspended, but noticed one little brother, during a break between the second half bookie do is wake up to that time period would jump inter tuc.Anh odds that you should choose the game by the end of 1st half 1-0 or 0-0 (no matter what the hotel or home) Furthermore you should analyze, if you hit the ball, it will choose the first home win win or guests.

After the end of the 1st half, you have to keep ODDS now, there are very clear jump ODDS game, but the game was tung.Vay ODDS ODDS wiggle dance dancing obviously like what?

Example: End of 1st half, Team A and B Delta Air 0-0.Keo A @ 96 and B @ 86.

A moment later jump 1 rafter of A @ 86 and B @ 96, and it was to remain until the start of the A lvl 2, arrested. That’s one example, you can apply to many different game.

And with the way this type of running, it’s likely to win 75%

9 / Great way “Sa Hu Mouse Nep”

This is intended to vibrate from 70 minutes onwards.
More than 80% of the game is to win the bladder, where one wants to spend money to go watch the game “boring” … short, simple, concise, easy to understand … WIN raking ratio> 80% … you can test this will know.

10 / No name

We look for any solutions -0.25 game and when there are 1-0 or 0-1. It began to observe approximately 5 ‘if the contract price lvl live look in both FT & HT (IMPORTANT) and stand-dimensional, we just lay still and wait for all HT. (You’ve got to remember is do not bet in HT Nhe. Are available and do not wish to add any ratio) once the agreement 1. The vast majority of sinking share price lost money boy live about 80 ~ 85

OK We will boldly into escrow to 2-0

This technique can not be called 100% win. But I did not eat so many times that number of 1-1 1 Ft Pi

There is much bad air increased amount not win, that is the ratio of retained every game 1-0 or 0-1 =

11 / Vip Move: No one bath on the river 1

Its á DK:

– Two teams evenly matched each other, is not too different.
– Who’s running that team A and B scored, tying the previous, then A and B scored the equalizer, the ultimate ability to feed air B from the opposite very high.

A. 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, —-> 2-3
B. 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, —> 3-2

Accuracy: 80%

Especially if the agreement meets the first lvl game, then this technique achieve high accuracy.

12 / Special skill: “Optical Coordinates tiger painting game”

Ie lying in HT – 2 new agreements on Ball

Matches if the ratio 1 GOAL TOTAL O / U serving banh is > 2.5 FT

– If the score is 0-0 HT: 1.5 or 1.3 ODDS mortgage / 4, the second half will burst 90% OVER (over 2 balls)
– In some cases, the situation on the HT 0-0: 2nd half serving 1.1 / 4 stroke Managing the ball through the frame is always 80%

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