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France need a victory like in 1998 to social cohesion, which is divided and hidden conflicts because many issues such as religion, ethnicity and politics, and to forget about the pain after a terrorist dated 11.13.2015.

Paris ready for EURO 2016. Photo: Internet.

1. Ngoanh go look back, four years on, EURO back to front. Finale Euro 2012 in Kiev (Ukraine), a crowd of women around the neck of the Spanish team’s scarf I just won the championship. After kissing my cheek, she shouted: “I’ll see you in Paris.” In this life full of obstacles, the probability is very low such reunion. Yeah, but who knows is there. Paris …

Someone has said, “we always have Paris”. France is the world glamor. But to me, football is only the last item in a long list of what France has given, since I was very young, and the top was always a dreamy sky. With an Italian football lover, until the final night in Berlin before the summer of 2006, France is a nightmare. France is completely different to me.

These are the victories of d’Artagnan and the musketeers of Dumas, the romanticism of Victor Hugo, Beaudelaire poetry, the paintings of Cezanne, the victories and the defeat of Napoleon and the marshal of the army. And again, the Eiffel Tower, the voice of Edith Piaf for “Pink Life” (La Vie en Rose) and the historical characters that I loved.

2. But in 2016, football m88 will take me to France. EURO become opportunities for adventure lasted a month of surprises and most attractive that the lawn can bring, though the idea of ​​organizing a European Championship for the first time expanded to 24 teams can not bring positive impression: too many teams, too many matches and tournaments quality may deteriorate. But along with that initial impression is one other thing: curiosity. When the impression of extraordinary feats that Denmark was created in 1992 and Greece do the coronation in 2004 was not the fade, I will ask the question: Which rookie, resulting from expansion award under Platini’s idea, and of course from their own efforts, whether can cause a surprise with which to put out the logic football triumph-of-the-age-of-Sale?

Does Iceland and Albania, the team paved the way before this police department; Slovakia’s Hamsik materials; Wales’s Gareth Bale; and Northern Ireland legend George Best but also old can not reach the EURO with them, will go far to where? There is a curse that recruits must break: Since 1988, Croatia has only passed the group stage of EURO 96 for first appearances.

3. But at the end, EURO’s always the battle of big teams . After Spain, between 2008 and 2010 with the EURO championships and then the World Cup, as well as France to the top of the 1998, 2000, Germany hopes to establish a similar brace, with victory in France to continued impressive achievement chain began the finals in Rio de Janeiro at the 2014 World Cup.

But the path to the finals of the past they had to Spain or England – those teams have won in qualifying and has always been a mystery to themselves; Belgium – with a talented squad of players, or France – the home team? Team ball is kicked Gaulois origin on their land, just like in 1998 when coach Deschamps – the captain’s armband on his arm – together they won the World Cup. They have a promising team, with names such youthful Pogba, Digne or Kondogbia, the U20 world championship in 2013, with Varane, Griezmann and Martial.

France need a victory like in 1998 for social 188bet cohesion, which is divided and hidden conflicts because many issues such as religion, ethnicity and politics, and to forget about the pain after a terrorist dated 11.13.2015. Deschamps was needed in the team fighting spirit and courage of the Musketeers. None of them have to be d’Artagnan.

4. EURO is a lot of memories I do not forget, is encapsulated in the moments stored in my heart forever, since first being streamed tournaments in 1988: utopian goal

of Van Basten, the ball went slopes of Sammer, painful tears of Italy in the final in 2000, happiness of Greece in 2004, Spain beat pasodoble sounded after the coronation night in Vienna in 2008 and Kiev in 2012.

What impression will be in Paris for EURO 2016 ? I’m waiting for the miracle, the unexpected, what can make me and millions of people watched as the ball screamed EURO tears of happiness and grief. Only one team crowned. But to me, what championship teams do not matter. Discover your own feelings in France thousands of kilometers in a month is a great experience.

After the finals, when the celebration was courted, quiet street, I sat watching the cool Paris night, ear Yves Montand singing wine, Sous le ciel de Paris Version “(Under the sky of Paris): ” thousands of people / Paris sky / I’ll sing until dark / air the song of love / With the old town “…

A new discovery journey to France, this time with the football in there, would end like that.